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Riverview Behavioral Health is the most trusted treatment center for depression serving men, women, and children in Texarkana, AR. We craft unique treatment plans for our patients to provide long-term success in recovery.

Learn About Treatment for Depression

Comprehensive therapy and treatment for depression in Texarkana, AR

While certain life experiences can elicit feelings of sadness, negative thoughts, and hopelessness, coping with depression is a serious concern that can drastically impact a person’s life. Someone trying to deal with depression may experience episodes of marked sadness, tearfulness, sleep changes, weight and appetite changes, and suicidal ideationIf you think you or someone you care about is suffering from depression, you or your loved one may experience many different adverse effects if you delay seeking treatment.

There are effective treatments for depression that can help you or your loved one start to heal from the effects of depression and improve your overall health and well-being. At Riverview Behavioral Health, we offer developmentally appropriate interventions for treating depression that teach individuals of all ages to manage the symptoms of depression. Our depression hospital in Texarkana, Arkansas, is uniquely prepared to care for children, adolescents, and adults battling many different mental health challengeshelping them alleviate the symptoms they are experiencing and help get them short-term help on the road to long-term recovery.

Helping a Loved One with Depression

Helping a loved one or family member get depression help

If you think a family member or someone you care about may be suffering from the symptoms of depression, there are some steps that you can take to help a loved one who is in need of specialized care for the effects of a mental health challengeSome methods to help depression include: 

  • Become familiar with the options at depression hospitals available to people who may be suffering from a depressive disorder. It can also be beneficial to learn about the symptoms of depression so you understand if the treatment options you research are applicable to your loved one. 
  • Develop a safety plan should your loved one need immediate medical attention due to the effects of their depression symptoms. Depression may cause some people to engage in self-harming behaviors, so developing a safety plan will allow you to be prepared in the event your loved one needs emergent medical care. 
  • Talk to your loved one and listen to them explain how they have been feeling. This can give you insight as to what their experience coping with depression has been like. 
  • Arrange for an assessment for mental health treatment at a depression hospital that is equipped to care for the specific needs for your loved one’s age level. 
  • Make an effort to be part of your loved one’s healing process. In doing so, you will be showing your unwavering support in a great way. 

It may also be a good idea to look into ways you can help your loved one continue their healing journey once depression treatment is complete and learn methods that you can practice your own self-careThe staff at Riverview Behavioral Health in Texarkana, Arkansas, is here to help support you and your family through every stage of the depression recovery process. By following through on these suggestions, you will be able to help your loved one heal from the impact depression has had on their life. 

Why Consider Depression Treatment

Why consider treatment for depression at Riverview Behavioral Health

The longer an individual waits to seek help and treat depression, the higher the likelihood that the impact of living with depression will harm their life in many different waysThe effects of untreated depression can make it difficult for a person to perform at school or at work, making it possible that they will experience academic failure or job loss if they do not seek depression therapy. 

Many people suffering with depression may also isolate themselves from friends and family members, and they might struggle to maintain their close relationships or form new relationships. Some people may also attempt depression self-help in the form of substance abuse to alleviate the symptoms they are experiencingdeveloping a co-occurring substance use disorder as a result. 

When an individual is experiencing severe depression symptoms or has developed a co-occurring addiction, they may need hospitalization to help them achieve stabilization and start functioning at a higher levelHospitalization will also provide them the addiction treatment they need to get back to their daily life.

Riverview Behavioral Health offers many options for depression treatment that can help children, adolescents, and adults learn to manage the symptoms of depression. Our premier depression hospital in Texarkana, Arkansas, provides the latest evidence-based treatments and therapeutic interventions to help you and your family start to heal from the mental health challenges that have disrupted your lives. 

Types of Treatment for Depression

Types of treatment and depression therapy offered at Riverview Behavioral Health

Riverview Behavioral Health in Texarkana, AR, provides comprehensive, personalized care for children, adolescents, and adults who need depression treatment and other mental health services.  

The individualized nature of our depression help means that no two people will have identical experiences with us. However, every person who takes part in depression therapy at Riverview can expect to receive superior support provided by compassionate professionals in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. 

Depending upon each person’s unique needs, treatment for depression at Riverview may include the following elements: 

Medication management services: Some symptoms of depression can be eased by the use of certain prescription medications. If you can benefit from this service, we can include medication management in your personalized treatment plan for depression help. Medication management services include daily meetings with a psychiatrist and additional support from medical doctors (MDs), registered nurses (RNs), and advanced practice nurses (APNs). 

Basic medical care: While you’re receiving depression help at Riverview, the members of our medical staff are available to provide basic healthcare services. Our doctors and nurses work closely with all patients to identify and address their medical needs. If you develop any complex medical concerns, we will refer you to a trusted healthcare provider in the area.  

Individual therapy: Individual therapy can be a valuable form of talk therapy for depression. Children, adolescents, and adults who are receiving depression help with us may take part in individual therapy sessions on a daily basis if necessary. Individual sessions at our depression treatment center in Texarkana, AR, are conducted by licensed professional counselors (LPCs), licensed clinical social workers (LCSWs), and licensed master social workers (LMSWs).  

Group therapy: Groups are a fundamental form of talk therapy for depression at Riverview Behavioral Health. Individuals who are receiving depression help typically take part in two groups during each treatment day. Depending upon your needs, you may participate in psychotherapy groups, cognitive therapy groups, dynamic group therapy, and self-help group therapy. Issues that may be addressed in groups include anger management, impulse control, family and relationships, relapse prevention, grief and loss, trauma, and a host of additional relevant topics.  

Family therapy: At least one time per week, patients who are receiving depression help with us can participate in family therapy sessions with their loved ones. Family sessions can help your loved ones learn how to best support you during and after your time at Riverview. These support group sessions can also be excellent opportunities for all participants to address challenges that have been preventing them from functioning in a healthier and more unified manner.  

Continuing Care

Continuing care options for depression treatment

Depending on the needs of the child, adolescent, or adult who is suffering from depression, the interventions that we incorporate into the customized treatment plan at Riverview Behavioral Health can vary. Some methods of care you or your loved one may experience more or less frequently, though each person can participate in any of the interventions that we offer. We personalize the treatment planning process at so that each person can experience the most favorable treatment outcomes possible. 

In addition to personalized treatment planning, each patient who receives help for depression at our depression hospital in Texarkana, Arkansas, receives individualized discharge planning. From the moment that they are admitted, our staff plans for each individual’s discharge so that they have the follow-up support and resources in place that will allow them to continue managing the depression symptoms they have been experiencing in a healthy manner. 

If you think you or someone important in your life could benefit from the world-class care at Riverview Behavioral Health in Texarkana, Arkansas, feel free to contact our depression hospital at your convenience to learn more about the treatment options we have available.  

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