Co-Occurring & Dual-Diagnosis Treatment & Rehab in Texarkana, AR

Riverview Behavioral Health is the most trusted co-occurring & dual-diagnosis treatment center for men, women, children and adolescents in Texarkana, AR. We craft unique treatment plans for our patients to provide long-term success in recovery.

It is not unusual for people who suffer from one mental health or substance abuse disorder to also suffer from at least one other disorder as well. This also applies to children and adolescents. Research has demonstrated that in order for someone with co-occurring disorders to fully recover, each disorder the individual is suffering from must be treated.

At our psychiatric treatment center, the staff is specially trained to help individuals with co-occurring disorders. Our individualized treatment plans include integrated services for each disorder or condition from which an individual may be suffering, in order to help individuals begin or continue the recovery process from whatever they may be experiencing in the same setting. Instilling a sense of optimism, hope, and positivity creates the foundation for our integrated treatment.

At our mental health treatment center, we understand the unique developmental needs of children and adolescents and senior adults, the populations which our inpatient programs are designed to help. Within each separate group, there are specific challenges to overcome and new tasks to learn as they face and adjust to the changes that accompany different life stages. We have specially trained staff on each unit who are dedicated to meeting the special needs of each age group based on what research has shown to be the most effective treatment options and development considerations.

At Riverview Behavioral Health Hospital in Texarkana, Arkansas, our focus is on helping each individual in all of our units develop age appropriate skills, abilities, and coping strategies to better manage life stress, social interactions, negative emotions, and behavioral responses. We know how difficult life stage adjustments can be and are aware that many of those who come to us for treatment may be experiencing a variety of other disorders, issues, and problems in their life. Our staff is trained to treat a wide range of disorders that occur at different ages, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, chemical dependency, psychosis, dementia, delirium, and memory loss, among others. At Riverview, we are dedicated to assessing the whole individual, no matter what the age, in order to ensure we are addressing all the needs of each individual we treat.

Marks of Quality Care
These affiliations are an official recognition of Riverview’s dedication to offering exceptional treatment.
  • Arkansas Hospital Association
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal of Approval
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The doctors and nurses at Riverview Behavioral Health recognized the unique problems of my child.  They provided treatment that put her back on the right track.

– Parent of a former patient