Inpatient Mental Health Center & Treatment Program for Adults in Texarkana, Arkansas

At our psychiatric treatment center, the adult behavioral health program is designed to ensure the most comprehensive care for adults (age 18+) and seniors who need care provided in an intimate, home-like setting. In our program, you’ll get the care and compassion that you need as we help you regain the highest level of functioning. Our programs provide treatment for those struggling with issues such as depression, suicidal thoughts, psychosis, dementia, confusion, and loss of memory. At our psychiatric treatment center, we understand that these complex disorders present differently in adults and seniors, and our staff is well-trained to handle individuals who are coping with these disorders. We provide structured therapies, activities, and time with loved ones to allow your loved one the opportunity to grow and heal.

At Riverview Behavioral Health in Texarkana, Arkansas, we are never satisfied with good enough – we’re always working to complete symptom remission and allowing you and your loved ones to return to the highest level of functioning possible. Our care is provided in a compassionate, professional manner, always taking the time to listen to the needs of our patients and their loved ones. As we understand that this can be a particularly difficult time for all involved, we’re dedicated to identifying additional supportive community resources for our seniors and their loved ones. Please, let our psychiatric treatment center help you through this challenging time in your life. When you’re at Riverview, you’re family.

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