Inpatient Mental Health Center & Treatment Program for Adolescents in Texarkana, Arkansas

Riverview Behavioral Health in Texarkana, Arkansas, we firmly believe in providing care to individuals throughout the lifespan. We’ll work with your loved ones and family to make sure that the decision to admit your adolescent into our inpatient or residential program is the right decision for all involved. Our Adolescent Behavioral Health Treatment Program is designed to help adolescents who are struggling to reach their full potential.

Our Adolescent Program is designed for teens ages 13 through 17 years old and aimed at allowing these at-risk teens the chance to move past the challenges they face and grow to meet their full potential. At our psychiatric treatment center, we see teenagers who have a multitude of problems including psychiatric and chemical dependency problems and we’ve helped teens just like yours recover and go on to live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. Our Adolescent Program provides your child with a safe and nurturing environment designed to meet all of your adolescent’s special needs.

We offer our adolescent’s an accredited school program as we firmly believe that school can hold the key to unlocking many problems in your child’s life. Through school, your child can learn self-esteem and practice the ability to get along with others. Our teachers have undergone specialty training to allow us to fully engage in your child’s education. We’ll coordinate with your adolescent’s school and teachers to ensure that your child’s progress will be maintained throughout their stay and academically ready to return to their normal school post-discharge.

At our mental health treatment center, we believe in involving family and guardians in the care of our adolescent patients. Family support is vital throughout this turbulent time and can make a world of difference for your teens. We’ve learned through years of experience that any treatment program must have family involvement from the time of the assessment process, treatment planning, family therapies, family education, discharge planning, and other activities. Together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of your children.

Serving the Ark-La-Tex Region

Our location in Texarkana, Arkansas allows for convenient access to residents of East Texas and North Louisiana as well as all of Miller County, Arkansas.

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